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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

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For me, “Do Your Natural Thing” is a way of life, so In my blog I will talk about many interconnected aspects of a natural lifestyle.  In my research, I reach for my roots, looking at practices of indigenous societies worldwide.  I then implement as much as I can logistically into my life, striving to be the living proof.  From herbal remedies to baby care, to living organic on a budget and primitive skills and much more.  My hope is that I will introduce some fresh [ancient] ideas to many of you, and look forward to hearing feedback about how some of the ideas and practices fit into your lifestyles!  I would also love to find like minded people out there that could teach me a thing or two!

My interests are far and wide, so I am sure to post something that catches eyes and keeps things fresh!

I got the motivation to start this blog on my epic two month summer vacation road trip this year.  We went from Texas to Washington, back down the West Coast and back and I am excited to share stories of the cliff jumping, cave crawling, hammock camping, rabbit eating, and so many other adventures we had along the way!

My posts will take the form of short essays, pictures, videos, poetry, ancient indigenous proverbs and more.  I truly appreciate you taking your time to read, and look forward to any comments, questions and/or suggestions, so please don’t be shy!

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