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Learn The Simple Way Our Ancestors Carried Their Babies

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This method is definitely in my top three “cant live without” mom tricks!  I learned to tie my babies on my back while home in Botswana, and used it on my first daughter and currently with my son.  The babies love it, and mamas quite possibly love it more.  It is sometimes the ONLY way to get work done and keep the baby happy and wrapped up tight near mama.  Its a great method to use when you want to do housework,  take a walk, get the baby to take a nap, or keep baby in line at the store.

Baby wearing is a whole post in and of itself, but some of the benefits of this particular style over some of the others I have seen and/or tried are

  • It’s Free – If you have a good sturdy woven piece of cotton, a towel, or any other good sturdy material without stretch, you have a baby carrier!
  • It’s Convenient – See above.  Also, when you are out and about you can often improvise on materials to use.  It is also easy to throw a piece of cloth in your bag on the way out the door, and I like to keep a spare in the car.
  • It’s Comfortable – Hands down the most comfortable method I have tried and the healthiest and most natural for the body.  The weight of the baby is evenly distributed across your chest and back, unlike many modern methods which put unnatural pressure on your shoulders.  It is so comfortable that sometimes you even forget the baby is back there!  I can’t count the number of times I have been searching for the baby, only to remember he is on my back!
  • It’s Natural – Our ancestors have been carrying their babies on their backs this way for thousands of years.
  • It’s Safe – See above.  It has stood the test of time, if babies were falling out of them like hotcakes, word would have gotten around!  But seriously, practice around the house when your baby is calm until you get the tension and fit right.  Keep your hands under baby until you are comfortable.  Once you get it right, you can feel the slightest slip and re-adjust as necessary.  Start slowly, but you will come to find the baby is incredibly secure, snug and happy back there!
  • Its Cute – OK, maybe not the number one reason to pick this style of baby carrying, but…  I have a lot of fun coordinating my fabric to my clothes, and you get tons of complements!

I have tried only two other baby wearing options,  a padded one shoulder sling and an UN-padded one shoulder sling (Maya Wrap).  For newborn babies up to about 3 months, I like the Maya Wrap for it’s ease of use, and your ability to keep an eye on your new tiny one.  My babies both slept like rocks in their Maya Wraps in those first couple of months, and it helped me out a lot too!  As they grew and got heavier though, the weight on my shoulder began to be very noticeable and I felt like my posture was being pulled in unnatural ways.  Also, having such weight hanging off your front half causes undue pressure and pain to your back.

Luckily, it is around the time that they become uncomfortable in the Maya Wrap, that they are around the right size to put onto your back.  I did not feel comfortable putting mine on my back when they were newborns, primarily because I want to be able to see them, and adjust them as needed easily without assistance.   As a side note, I have known many African women that say it is not uncommon or unsafe for newborns to use this back carry method.

I get stopped by curious people a lot when I am out and about carrying my baby on my back with this method, so I decided to make a video tutorial to help.

With all that being said, please view the video tutorial.  I truly appreciate any comments, likes and shares!  Also, If you have not done so already, please subscribe so that new posts can be emailed to you, and you won’t miss a thing.  I have lots of great posts planned that are sure to be interesting, helpful, and get you thinking outside the box!

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      In the beginning it may be easier to knot it, I did before I became comfortable with the twisting and tucking. With time and practice, I have found twisting and tucking to be easier to adjust, more comfortable, and just as secure. Thanks for asking and hope that helps!

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