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Whispers from the Woods: Reaching Ko Godimo

The temperature is dropping along with all the red, orange and golden leaves.  Fall is all around us, and I am fully enjoying this years harvests.  For today’s post I would like to share a poem I wrote last year around this time.  I was in a major period of change and growth at the time, and found inspiration in nature.

Let me start with a little bit of background information that will help you understand fully the poem.  Back home in Botswana, traditionally The Great Spirit is Modimo, and our ancestors, and other deities prevalent in daily life are known as Badimo.  Modimo and Badimo are thought to reside someplace in the sky world, or ko godimo.


I am like a tree.

I am ancient.

I am strong and proud.

I reach ko godimo.

When winter comes, she releases her leaves;

She doesn’t hold on.

She sets them free to the winds of change.

No fear. no holding on.

No looking back, no wishing she could keep them.

Leaves fall to the ground

Not death, fertility.

That fall brings new beginnings.

You never see the tree searching for lost leaves;

Wondering what could have been.

Because she knows-

Spring’s coming!

So I take my time and build my strength,

live in my roots, taking slow deep breaths.

Winter’s cold and can cover her in ice.

Some limbs may break,

But she remains, strong.

Strong memories of that spring glow.

All new leaves, new fruits.

Mama earth – always there, giving strength.

Embracing winter; embracing change.

I am shedding my leaves-

They kept me shaded, and helped me give life-

For their season.

Now, I release them-

It’s their time to go.

Life is a cycle-

After winter MUST come spring.

Winter is not an end, but a beginning.

I release my leaves to the winds of change.

Winds of change.

Leaves they come and go-

I remain.




Reaching ko godimo.

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2 thoughts on “Whispers from the Woods: Reaching Ko Godimo

  1. nchidzi

    hi the poem tochd me and giv me hope,somethings and happinings should not hold u down but rather drive u up,keep going sister i like the poem…..

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