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My favorite pair of socks – found brand new, in package :)

I first discovered curb shopping a couple of years back, and each month my love for it grows!  There are so many reasons to love it because I get tons of cool stuff, it’s a fun pastime, I’m helping the environment and I’m making extra cash!

Curb Shopping is a term used for taking advantage of the piles of stuff people leave out on their curbs for “Bulky Item Pickup” once a month.  It is cliche, but I have learned how true the old saying is – one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)mans treasure!

Unlike some people I have seen, when I curb shop I don’t dig much (unless I see what I’m after or found something promising).  I try to keep things clean and don’t dig through garbage.  Many of the goodies can be easily seen from your car.

Many times people put things out just because they do not have the time or energy to donate or sell them themselves.  It is not uncommon to find notes on items left at the curb indicating that electrical items are still working or that something needs a new home.  You can find anything from furniture to electronics, your favorite pair of socks to expensive name brand clothes with tags still on!

Some of the things I keep, some I Freecycle or donate, and some I pick up to resell (thanks Craigslist).  Sometimes we make a game of it and make up a wishlist of what we need or want before we set out.  The fun part is lots of times we get what we asked for.  Some of my favorite wishlist items were a like-new hammock, fabric to make hammocks (when I changed my mind about the one I’d found), a bike trailer, crystals, bamboo, houseplants, a brand new planner with a theme I love, and so much more!

I like the fact that I am helping keep useful stuff out of the landfill.  If something is perfectly good – unstained clothes, like-new decorations and dishes, etc. – and I have the space in my car, I’ll pick them up to post on Freecycle or donate to the thrift store.  It is great that they will be put to use before they go to the landfill to rot!

Selling stuff I find at Curb Mart is surprisingly profitable!  I have picked things up, posted them and literally made hundreds of dollars from something that is more of a hobby.  Some things I have personally found have brought in $50-$200 and up!  The majority of things probably fall into the $20-$70 range, which adds up fast if you have a good month.


Some of my Top Finds (all in good or like-new condition):

  • Organic cotton mattress and crib:  This came with an organic wool cover and all the hardware (and a note that indicated this fact)
  • Bicycle trailer:  The covered kind that you can put two small kids in, the guy who was getting rid of it said they bought it new and had only used it about 2-3 times
  • PlayStation with about 12 like-new games
  • Flat screen TV
  • Bikes for adults and children
  • Skis
  • Wood changing table
  • 2 matching high quality bar stools – hardwood and leather
  • Strollers
  • Nice assortment of petrified wood and other crystals
  • Tons of beautiful tropical foliage
  • Lots of nice entertainment tables
  • Many boxes of books
  • A huge box of unused homeschooling workbooks in the grades I needed
  • Hammock
  • Highchair
  • Gift cards with nice balances
  • Decorations and unused candles
  • 5 foot totem pole
  • Bassinet


Anyone else have curb shopping experiences to share?  What are some of your favorite finds from Curb Mart?  Interested?  Give it a try and let me know what you find!  I look forward to questions and comments, and if you enjoyed the post please share and subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any future posts!













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