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Looks like a Technological TKO

…Think I better let it go…

So aside from my Teddy Pendergrass reference, this is a very timely post for me.  As I type my cell phone is sitting in a bag of rice in the kitchen.  My two year old decided it would be a good idea to throw it in the toilet.  Good times.  As I rushed into the bathroom and reached my hand into the toilet without a second thought, all kinds of things rushed through my head.

After a slew of expletives, and lamenting this disgusting predicament, I wondered if it would work again, I thought about the pictures and sound files that would be lost.  I thought about the contacts that would be lost and feelings hurt.  It made my heart a bit heavy.  Several times since, I have started to look for my phone to do X, Y or Z, only to remember it’s mini vacation in a bag of rice.

It has been a reminder to me of how powerful a presence cell phones and other technologies have in our lives.  I do strive to minimize time spent in front of the screen, but being self employed, it is a necessary tool of the trade.  To me this video is about finding balance in our relationship with technology.  It is near impossible to tell people in this society to stop using cellphones, social media etc… but seek balance.  Use it as a tool, but don’t let it make a tool out of you.  Live your life, laugh with and love real people.

I came across “Look Up” on my best guy friend’s blog.  It gave me goosebumps, brought tears to my eyes, and definitely made me rethink some things.  I had been planning on sharing this, and after this evening’s events, I figured tonight would be perfect.

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