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How to Make an Effective Herbal Antibiotic Syrup for Kids


This post is coming from an experience I had a few weeks back.  I would like to share my story with you, in hopes of helping others avoid pharmaceutical antibiotics, with their well documented side effects.  I must say however, this is not intended as medical advice, nor should you ever try any herbal remedy if you research or intuition does not agree.

So it all started one evening with a painful tooth in my two year old’s mouth.  This particular tooth was one of two that had been cracked in an accident months ago.  On the following afternoon I noticed a substantial swelling on his gums.  It was a round blister like bubble a bit smaller than an M&M.  The first thing I did was mix up a batch of baby safe herbal antibiotics.  My typical go to antibiotic is fresh garlic, but I knew that would not go over well for a two year old.

I researched each of the ingredients:

Honey:  Give thanks to the bees for this beautiful healing gift, possibly the tastiest antibiotic around!  It has been used alone and in combination with various herbs for thousands of years to cure a variety of ailments.  Honey is also highly effective in treating infection both internally and externally.  You may have heard that honey has no expiration date – that is because bacteria can not survive in it!  When properly stored, honey can last for centuries, if not more, imagine the potentials of this immortal super-food!  I have seen it heal a peptic ulcer first hand, as well as reoccurring cracks at the corners of the lips (also known as Angular Cheilitis).  All this adds up to it being the perfect base for a sweet and very kid friendly base for a healing herbal antibiotic!

Ginger:  This ancient root is an antibiotic powerhouse that has repeatedly been proven as or more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics.  It is an amazing all around warming herb, used for a wide variety of ailments.  I used this regularly during pregnancy and on long road trips for car sickness.

Cinnamon:  This ancient medicinal spice is another herbal powerhouse.  It has historically been valued at it’s weight in gold.  It has both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Honey and cinnamon are often used together to strengthen white blood cells and cure a wide range of ailments from toothache to bladder infection.

Turmeric:  With its vibrant yellow-orange color, this is another powerful and ancient herb.  This is the spice that gives curry its yellow color and it is well known for it’s anti-inflammatory action that rivals that of it’s pharmaceutical counterparts.  It’s also used in various cultures to clear infection, both inside and outside the body.

Coconut Oil:  This is another total body healer.  It is a potent antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal as well as a super-food.  The addition of coconut oil also helps increase the absorption of the turmeric whose active components are fat soluble!

Cacao Powder(optional):  This super-food is added for the flavor and antioxidants.  It blends well with all the healing herbs and makes this a highly requested medicine!

The measurements were mainly intuitive for me, with the largest part being the honey base, followed by ginger, then cinnamon, and a small amount of turmeric so as not to throw off the taste.  When in doubt, follow your intuition, sometimes less is more.  I taste each batch before use, to make sure it tastes balanced, plus it is really delicious!

Dosage was periodic spoonfuls, at mealtime, nap-time, etc…  I gave more frequent initial doses until the infection died down.  I continued to give him the syrup for about two days after the infection cleared, so about 3 days total.

Within about an hours time the swelling in my son’s gums had started decreasing, and within a couple of hours the infection started to drain.  This worked well for us, it was a great pain-free, easy way of clearing the infection.  These are all powerful antibiotics, so make sure to have a source of good bacteria on the menu to help balance your gut, such as fermented foods, and other natural probiotics.

What are your favorite natural antibiotics?  Has anyone else tried this syrup?  I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment below.  Also, I greatly appreciate new subscriptions, shares and likes!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make an Effective Herbal Antibiotic Syrup for Kids

  1. becky

    Have you looked into the benefits of coconut oil? My daughter uses it to clean her teeth. She says that it “pulls” the bad stuff out of your gums and mouth.

    1. doyour7_wp Post author

      Yes, I love coconut oil, I use it on my hair and body, and I actually do use it in this recipe I updated the post with that information. It is another great source of antibiotics and other healthful components. I have also heard great things about oil pulling with coconut, is she doing it as a preventative measure or is she working on reversing decay?

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