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Lessons in Loving Nature from a 10 year old

Today I would like to share some nature-inspired poetry and photographs.  These were written and photographed by my 10-year-old, home-schooled daughter.  It is very important to me to instill a love and respect for nature in my kids.  I love spending time with my little ones in nature, and I find I learn so much from them.  We like to take weekly trips into the woods, and several lengthy camping trips each year.  If you would like to get your kids out into nature more, a great start would be to check out my FREE Wild Plant Walk.




Flowers sway and move apart

So I may walk upon Mother Earth

Birds tweet and stretch their colorful wings in respect

I pick a fallen flower and make a blessing upon it

I love flowers

And flowers love me

Because I respect them



Mother Earth Supports us

Mother Earth feeds us

Mother Earth takes care of us

Mother Earth feeds our friends

Mother Earth supports our water

Mother Earth makes the earth nice for us to live on

Mother Earth is nice

Please don’t litter Mother Earth…

Be nice to Mother Earth

Take mercy on Mother Earth



Plants are green

Bark is brown

Water is blue and green

Flowers have sweet fragrance

Animals are kind

They will not hurt you unless you hurt or scare them

I love water

You love water

So please be kind to water.



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