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Big Chop After 11 Years Natural: Why I Cut My Locs

I am back from a long and amazing vacation, and I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the learning and growth I found.  I am excited about some great giveaways, gatherings, posts and new offerings I have been working on, and I’m looking forward to sharing!

With all this traveling and growth, from spending time in the bushes of Africa to having my first Reiki attunement, lots of positive energy for change was in the air.

A little background for those who have not read my natural hair journey post:  I went natural around 11 years ago, but I was scared to do the big chop.  I was scared to loose my length, the permed hair that I had grown to mid back.  I ended up deciding to just stop applying perms and let my hair grow out on it’s own.  Obviously this can be a messy and less than attractive process.  I kept my hair in cornrows, plaits (braids) or buns for the most part, and after I had about 4-6 inches of natural growth I had the dead, limp ends clipped off.  Goodbye to the perm.

p1170506Twist out

Over the next few years I wore my hair in all types of styles:  Wash and Go, cornrows, twists, plaits, bantu knots, you name it.  All with my own natural hair, no extensions.  I fell in love with my hair, a deep and appreciative love that grows with time.  I loved the versatility, I loved all the looks I could pull off and all the complements!  I took my time and cared for it ever so gently, and grew it down to my waist.  I loved it.  It was a lot of work, but I loved it.

p1170071LOVED my twists!

I always told myself that I would loc my hair when I had become too old or tired of styling it. For a long time, as I played with the idea of locs, I thought I’d loc it at a time when my hair was grey,  One day I saw the most beautiful set of locs, and it made my heart jump.  They called to me, and I answered.  Over time the desire to loc my hair intensified, to the point where my heart was telling me to DO IT NOW.  Or even yesterday!


I wore my locs for around 3 years.  They were beautiful.  I loved them.  It was a process, but I loved them.  My waist length hair curled and compacted and loc’d into a divine set of locs that sat around my shoulders.  Over these three years they grew back to around my mid-back, mature and fabulous.


OK, so to get real, there were a couple of things that I wasn’t completely in love with.  Like lint.  No matter that I was keeping my head covered in clean, silky materials when I slept and avoiding towels and other things that can deposit lint, there it was.  I would pick at it with a safety pin.  Ive heard you can just die it or color it with a black Sharpie, but still.  It was there.  Also, despite how well I washed my locs and how well I cleaned them, they never really felt squeaky, deeply clean.  Yes, they were clean, and yes, they smelled great.  But there just seemed to be something missing.

And then came the Reiki, and my sensitivity to energy went up, and I could feel my hair.  It felt energetically heavy.  So I began to think back to all that I have been through with this hair.  The dramas, the breakups, the growth.  I thought about how hair acts as antennae and picks up on the energies around us, sometimes holding on to them.  Despite all the positivity and love in my life currently, I began feeling like my hair was holding on to a lot of history, and I wanted to lighten the load.  I wanted a fresh start.

20160806_151047First one gone

I did not mind loosing all the length.  Since, as I mentioned, I never did a big chop post perm, I was curious about how my short hair would be.  How would it look, how would the curls be, and what would I look like.  What is maintenance like with a TWA (Teeny Weenie Afro) and how will it grow.  I felt like it was the right thing, like I would have no regrets.

20160806_153737No regrets, no turning back!

Honestly I had a slight fear about being without the long beautiful hair that had framed my face for over a decade.  How would I look with what is typically thought of as a more masculine style?  Do I have the face to pull it off, I wondered.

So at the end, I took scissors and started with one in the back-to see how it felt.  I felt invigorated.  I felt no remorse.  I was nervous traveling into the unknown, but I saw my destiny.  Using a crystal to treat the hair and help with cutting precision, I cut away the last 11 years of build up.

20160806_160742Last one to go!

It felt good, I had butterflies and adrenaline rushes.  I never looked back, but enjoyed looking forward at this new face that stared back at me in the mirror.  It’s taking some getting used to; as of this writing, it has been about a month.  I am enjoying learning the vastly different and unique textures of my hair and myself.

20160806_162843Freshly cut and washed

Thank you for reading!  If you would like to see more pictures from my Loc Journey check out the Gallery. I appreciate all of you, please share the post and don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss a thing!



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