Do Your Natural Thing

What sets me apart?


  • I Specialize exclusively in Natural African Hair care – For over 10 years I have been working exclusively with Natural Hair, using no chemicals, damaging heat or fake hair.

  • I Prioritize quality over quantity – I will take my time and do your hair the way I would want my own done; gently and precisely, not just rushing through clients.

  • I have the patience that it takes to work with natural hair – you can expect the same gentle and relaxing care from start to finish.

  • I bring positive energy to each session – hair is like an antennae, and it picks up negativity from those who come into contact with it.

  • I use truly natural products – just slapping “organic” on the label is not enough for me, I read labels to find the most pure, chemical free products, as close to nature as possible, which means healthier hair for you.

  • Designing natural hair is art – my work has powerful historical and ancestral meaning.

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